11 Sneaky Intimacy Tricks

1. Greet your partner in a way that creates deeper connection.

Pay attention to how you greet your partner. Is it with a list of chores? Or problems? Or just a sideways ‘Hi’ without any eye contact?

What to do instead:

Stop what you are doing; your partner deserves a minute of your undivided attention. Look at them, smile, hug and hold them dearly while hugging for at least 10 seconds (champions go for a whole minute! Let me know if it’s you here). This is better done in silence.

Your relationship will benefit immensely! And this will only take a minute, at most two.

2. Add a 30-seconds kiss to your daily routine.

I think this is pretty self-explanatory. Remember how you used to love kissing in the beginning of your relationship? It’s time to go back to that feeling! Kiss, be fully present and explore different ways of kissing.

3. Sneak a loving sexy note.

Write a note for your partner and put it in their pocket or be creative with your bath mirror.

How easy is this?!?


Post a photo of your note here! I’d be delighted to see your creativity.

4. Focus on loving thoughts.

Look at your partner and think loving thoughts, feel love in your heart and imagine that you send your loving energy right into their heart.

You don’t have to speak to your partner about it.

I had an argument with my partner yesterday. Afterwards all I did was focus on loving thoughts and what I love about him. It’s amazing how much it changed the energy between us, and somehow he became oh so huggy and loving with me!

5. Notice, pause, appreciate.

Goes like this:

You notice what your partner did for you today, the simplest, most ordinary thing – picked up groceries, looked at you with a smile, played with kids, put his socks away, cooked dinner for you, said you look nice today, etc.
You pause and pay attention to the thing that your partner did for you.
You look at your partner and say: “Darling, I so love it when you do… It means to me that… (I have a partner, you care about me, you consider my feelings, etc.) It makes me feel… (loved, respected, appreciated, etc.) It makes my life… (easier, happier, more exciting, etc.)
It’s truly astonishing what this simple practice of noticing, pausing and verbally appreciating your partner can do to the amount of intimacy you share.
Don’t you think this is easy to implement? Let me know how you get on.

6. Use beam gleam.

This trick comes from Dr Helen Pooler.

In social situations when your partner is on the other side of the room, look at them and say with your eyes ‘I love you, you matter to me, you are so special to me’. Send them a beam gleam and notice how your partner reacts.

7. Go to bed together.

We are in a vulnerable state when we fall asleep. We are defenceless and innocent. So when you fall asleep with your partner it creates more safety in your relationship. Most of us need to feel safe to feel love and be loving.

Do you have a habit of going to bed at different times and maybe working and doing chores? This habit could be very damaging to your love. Make a commitment to go to bed at the same time at least twice a week.

8. Touch your partner every day in a non-sexual way.

Touch! We all need it so much! Babies brains don’t grow to their full extent if they don’t get enough physical contact. They can even die from the lack of it.

Sometimes we might use sex to get the touch that we need or use sex as our security blanket, to reaffirm to ourselves that we matter to our partner. This is usually a turn off for the other.

Relationships fail to thrive if partners don’t give each other enough touch.

Pay attention to how often you touch your partner through the day. The goal – 3 points of touch contact. Maybe a hug, a pat on the head or holding hands. Advanced practitioners can do a head massage or a foot massage.

9. Assume that your partner loves you and cares about you.

Quite often we jump to the conclusions like “He doesn’t care enough.”, “She doesn’t appreciate me”, “It’ll never work” or something similar. What is free musically crown your habitual conclusion?

When your partner upsets you make it a habit to assume that your partner still cares about you and loves you. Notice how differently you act when you assume the best. Share with us here!

10. Break the routine.

Do something unexpected together! Challenge yourself, push your boundaries, play with a fantasy or do something that you’ve always wanted to do, but are scared. Maybe now it the time to experience it together?

What will it be?! I’m excited to hear! Share here.

11. Help, please!

What is one of your sneaky intimacy tricks? Please let me know! I need to prepare myself for a surprise date my partner has organized for us. So please, do me a favor, email your favorite sneaky trick and I’ll include it here.

Choose one and go for it. Share your successes and struggles on our Magnetic Women Club page. Ask questions and I will personally reply.

Though maybe right now you constantly argue and you just don’t feel like focusing on loving thoughts and can’t even imagine sneaking a sexy note into his pocket.

Love May Begin With A Bondage, But It Ends With Freedom

This life goes on. We meet people and we befriend them on business terms, casual or in a deep relationship. We know folks cannot stay in our lives forever unless they are family. One day they have to leave. Then why is it that we cannot digest their separation? Why is it that we feel so bad and distressed when they look happy in their company and we feel something is not right. This is the feeling of overbearing or possession. It’s our basic instinct since ancient times. The medieval kings and queens had possession for jewels, richness, and kingdom. Some had addiction for protecting their beauty family or relations. They did everything in their power to claim what they loved, but in the end, it fades off. This is what I want to stress here. People and things do not stay or live with you forever. They will have to leave someday whether you want. Even your soul leaves you when you are old and fragile. These are just material aspects then why to fret to over them and lose our lives just like that.

Some people are the greatest consumers and sound like control freaks. They think they can have anything or anyone in the world, which is pure hallucination. Psychologists term this as a kind of disorder and get a treated for that. It works ultimately if the patient lives in a recouping environment and gets a thorough understanding of what life is. We ought to let go of the things we cannot control. Truth is having everything in your life would not make you happy but anxious. The more you get the more clash royale hack apk download you will fret about its protection and safety.

Where do I keep this gold, this money, and these jewels? How do I protect my man my girl, my friend from that good for nothing-loud mouth? This is mine, she/he dare not touch it, or I will slay him. My dear friends this does not make sense. What was yours will remain yours if it is ought to. There is no pointing in forcing someone to be with you or you both will suffer a lot. Manipulations will only lead to sadness and loss. Love is not tagged with a punch line of “BEING MINE” or “PRIVATE PROPERTY”. Some view its oneness in a single person while some make it divine. They respect and love everyone equally and categorically. Nothing is less or nothing is more for them. Such folks tend to live longer and without any bondage of affection.

I am not taking any sides. OK? There are no sides. You can be in love like Christian and Anastasia or you can take a step further to turn into a divine providence. It is your choice in the end. Just be happy in whatever you choose and let others be happy with you. Life is too short to give pains to people so whatever is left please keep it as good and do not hurt others.

The 7 Habits of Smart Magnetic Women – How to Be Happy In Your Relationship & Mesmerize Your Man

By harnessing the power of habit you can enjoy the life and relationship you really want.

Here are the seven habits of smart magnetic women that will keep you feeling nurtured and vibrant with lots of love in your heart.

Are these habits part of your daily life? Which ones do you need to adopt to create the life that delights you?

There is simply no way to create a deep intimate connection with your partner, if you don’t prioritise your self-care.

If you don’t have a habit of putting yourself first on your to-do list, then you probably feel resentful and depleted, or blame your partner for not giving you what you need.

This energy is not magnetic! And your partner won’t be inspired to give you what you need if you appear resentful, demanding or needy.

So, what can you do about it?

Put first attention on yourself. Find out what you feel, and what you need. Fill your love tanks up. When we are nourished we are more relaxed. Also, when we are more relaxed, we have the ability to make a request, rather than blame.

Of course we know that there is a request behind every blame. But when we feel stressed and unloved, it might be really hard to make a request that inspires action. The resentment will sneak out, he’ll sense it, and shut down. The energy behind your requests is crucial.

I invite you to take a stand for your life and practice extreme self-care. What makes your eyes shine? What fulfils you, and makes the stars fall out of your heart, and onto every passer-by?

There are seven fundamentals that are vital for women to fully enjoy life.

#1. Movement

To connect to our bodies, we need movement that brings us joy. Are you dancing, or practicing any other kind of movement that makes you feel excited, and ready to jump out of bed? Think of movement rather than exercise. The thought of exercise can be draining, and that is the opposite of what we need.

#2. Healthy Diet

Yes, Beautiful, yes. Healthy eating is important for love.

How is your diet? Sometimes nutritionists make it rather hard. In fact, it’s pretty simple. Eat more raw greens, colourful veggies, and fruits. Buy as little as possible packaged food, and drink lots of pure water. Homemade food prepared with love, and joy can do miracles. Start eating more fruits, and sweet root vegetables, and you will have fewer cravings for sweets.

I invite you to become curious about your relationship with food, and start treating your body with love and respect, as if you are feeding your baby. Of course, you want to feed your baby the most nutritious food.

#3. Sleep

We need rest. Sleep is so essential for us to feel sexy and loving. Don’t underestimate its significance? They say that for our biological clock to be at its best, we need to go to sleep by ten at night, and get up by seven in the morning. This makes us feel thrilled about the new day, and more inclined to share our love with our man. Do you feel loving and sexy when you are tired? Make it a habit to go to bed by ten, in order to enjoy your dreams.

Sleep is far from a waste of time. It recharges our batteries, fills us up with patience and love, and allows our spirits to process each day’s events in a gentle manner.

#4. Spending Time with Girlfriends

It’s amazing what the company of women can do for us. Have you tried a girls’ weekend away? It can do wonders. We nourish each other, and we fill each other with sensual, calm, and nurturing energy. Finally, talking about our feelings without someone else, trying to solve the problem. What a miracle. Girlfriends are the best people to talk with, and unload our “stuff.”. They listen, and know we just need to talk, and empty our heads. After we are nourished and cleansed, we have much more capacity to meet our men, and be ready for romance.

#5. Time Alone and Spiritual Practice

How do you feel after spending time by yourself? With our busy lifestyles, we often forget how good it feels to spend time alone, and connect with ourselves.

We need to have alone time to centre ourselves, and check what is happening inside. We need time to distance ourselves from our life’s everyday issues. We need time to see the bigger picture, to plug into the energy of the universe, and to sense the higher purpose of our lives.

#6. Time with Nature

Fresh air heals our bodies, purifies us, and gives us so much energy. The sun energises us, increases our happiness hormones, and supplies our bodies with important vitamin D. The wind blows out destructive thoughts, and wakes up the sensuality of our skin.

#7. Sensual Touch and Sex

“Sensory stimulation is a nutrient that the brain must have to develop and function normally.”

~James Prescott

Make a “touching date” with your man. It’s better to agree that you won’t go into sex. Just caress each other, feeling the skin, and awakening your senses. Choose whose turn is first to receive and indulge in the feelings without trying to give your touch, and love at the same time. Be totally selfish! Then, when it’s your turn to give, fully give, and enjoy giving. If you touch each other at the same time, it diffuses the intensity, and doesn’t give so much pleasure. Try to be in a completely giving or receiving mode. This can feel very vulnerable and exciting; so explore!

We need sex. It’s not just about pleasure; clash royale gems it’s important for our well-being, and full enjoyment of life.

So, by taking care of yourself, you will take care of your relationship. Not caring about yourself is selfish. You are less patient and have less to give.